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Not only for the Turntablists, but also for those who are fans of fresh B_Boy breaks and cuts....

Inspired by alien abductee and self proclaimed U.F.O. engineer, the late David Hammel, Fresh Kils & Mat Labatt set out to build their own spinning disc with Building A U.F.O., a symphony of beats in constant motion. It’s a wild ride of sounds & grooves, infectious as they are fleeting.

A unique vinyl collaboration between the two producers, this instrumental release features a 16 minute beat symphony on the A-side, constantly changing and moving every 8/16 bars, with all the construction music & drum samples available on the B-side. Listen and enjoy, or re-arrange, remake, and create using this one of a kind 12″.

Check Out A Cut Here:

Not only for the Turntablists, but also for those who are fans of fresh B_Boy breaks and cuts. The tracks are crafted in such a cohesive way on the A-side, it plays more like a mini album sampler than just a potential DJ battle tool, while the flip side is aimed directly at beat jugglers and producers with some dope choice beats and samples, encouraging the listener to build their own UFO!

Track List:

  1. Perpetual Motion Model 02:28
  2. Anti-Grav Axial 03:01
  3. Red Granite Forge 03:03
  4. Prototype Polestar 01:53
  5. Bocal Biometrics 03:13
  6. Isotope Linesmen 02:37
  7. Tri-State Propulsion 02:55

Avaiable now at www.freshkils.bandcamp.com

Check out more at www.freshkils.com

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