EP Review: Farer – Monad

Dutch doom/noise trio Farer have released a uniquely sounding EP with the use of vocals, drums and just two bass guitars.

The guys have created an unearthly soundscape of heavy grinding riffs and deep pulsating rhythms over 4 tracks that each exceed 10 minutes in length.

As the guys state:

“Monad is a testament to suffering.”

‘Phanes’ starts the EP off and sets the scene of suffering perfectly. With its gravely bass drone intersperse with machine gun drums and inhumane screams. It’s all very end of the world stuff but strangely endearing. Theres a sense you need to keep listening to see whats behind all the static. Screams from out of the dark bring in a clashing of cymbals and a thumping of drums, that disappear as soon as they take hold. We are left with feedback and barely heard wordless whispering silenced by cataclysmic drum and tortured bass notes

The marching pulse of ‘Asulon’ feels like a soothing balm after the convulsing of ‘Phanes’. Stabs of distorted bass have a sense of desperation and despair as each notes dies. A lonely voice joins before the white noise of frantic bass strumming takes over light and bouncy awaiting all hell to brake loose in a heavy pouring of drums, bass and vocal despair.

‘Moros’ starts off simple enough with a call to arms from the drums. The track has a whiff of a funeral procession feel to it. Wailing bass and relentless drums play out with a pleading vocal that you just can’t hear clear enough. The track soon falls off a cliff with a brain bashing solo on the higher end of the fretboard.

‘Elpsis’ with its barren soundscape carries on the feeling left by ‘Moros’. Torturous ending of squealing bass and unfathomable shouting batters your ears. The song drags along before gradually fading away to a whisper of emptiness as the track ends with a dying crescendo.

The EP is a monumental work of textures and dynamics. Unhinged drumming that is expertly mapped out and the use of the two bass guitars to create a soundscape of tortured existence made even more real by the use of the human voice as an instrument in itself. Screams, moans and banshee like calls from the dark. It’s an experience of desperation and anger and you may feel worn out after the first track but keep going through the mire as there are glimpses of greatness. It’s in the silence that the album grabs you.

Check out opening track ‘Phanes’, below:

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