EP Review: Lords Of Ruin – Coda Revival

Following the recent pandemic, Lords Of Ruin returned with their mesmerising debut EP, ‘Ruin Within’, which landed last year, enabling the band to play larger festivals and a series of support shows. Now the heavy rocking quintet, have returned with their second EP ‘Coda Revival’.

The band comments about the record:

“This EP is our way of drawing a line under everything we’ve done up until now while leaving indications of what’s to come. This is not the end, but it is the final piece of this chapter of Lords of Ruin and a culmination of what we’ve been working on since our inception.”

‘Decay’ thunderous riffing and soaring vocals that develop a dirty bite when required. Superb production sees the drums hit heavy and the bass rattle, allowing the rest of the band to cut through the mix individually. Creating a wide wall of sound that benefits the volume turned up. These guys know how to melt faces and pummel ears into submission which is clear from this opening track.

With a riff to match the tracks title ‘Bulldozer’ is a rip roaring epic 4 minutes of glorified hard rock. These guys don’t mess about and pack in all the heaviness they can, yet keep the tracks There’s a a hint of past decades in their music that clearly comes from their influences yet the music they craft has a modern injection. ‘Bulldozer’ also gives us a glimpse into the superb heavy rock riffing duo of Lord Stones and Lord Kev who not content with laying down a crunchy rhythm rip faces off with a razor sharp solo.

The anthemic track ‘Universal’ has some cracking vocals courtesy of Lord Dox who rides a wave of crunching riffs dropping a guttural growl when required to add an emotional punch. The dual guitar attack drives this track forward with the guitar duo’s entwined wall of sound a really important part of this bands sound.

The band finish off the EP with the storming metal brilliance of ‘Broken Dreams’. Scorching riffs are powered along by Lord Steve-O’s mountain-sized drums that see the track hit like a war soundtrack. A finger breaking solo once again from the hard rock twin riff meisters. This is one of the best heavy rock releases dropped this year.

There’s nothing over the top or anything too fancy to distract from the simple fact these are fantastic tracks. What the guys have done is release a solid that doesn’t let up with its constant barrage of heavy riffs and creative melodic structures. It sounds really good too, whether through speakers or headphones. There is a nice balance to the mix that allows the tracks to not only sound heavy and huge but also allow each instrument and voice to have its own space and not be marred by muddy production.

Check out the bands track Broken Dreams, below:

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