EP REVIEW: Weekend Recovery- In The Mourning

Weekend Recovery are a very interesting band. Although their style harks back to that of garage/grungy bands for the late 90s to early 2000s, it actually makes for a pretty fresh sound to audiences listening in 2018. Their sound has some Hole, The Pretty Reckless and Garbage vibes (although with a little more gusto than the latter), but definitely infused with some harder rock elements. Having received praise from the likes of NME and BBC Introducing Kent, and earning themselves slots at festivals like Camden Rocks and Tramlines, the Leeds based band are certainly making waves. Weekend Recovery are set to release their new EP, In The Mourning on September 27th.

First track Bite Your Tongue starts out with quite the dirty riff, that’s not unlike something you’d hear from Foo Fighters. It’s very sharp with a punky edge in the chorus, whilst maintaining a cool minimal effort feel- which is definitely a positive here. Following this, second and title track In The Mourning is livelier, with the kind of chorus that would definitely not be out of place on the soundtrack for a film like 10 Things I Hate About You, or in the same ‘kick ass gal movie’ kind of vein. On My Knees is slightly more brooding, though no less upbeat, showcasing frontwoman Lori’s badass voice excellently. The standout for this four song EP though is without a doubt the closing track. Fuelled by honesty and emotion, I’m Not That Girl is a stripped back and simplistic dialogue about people (especially parents) not liking the way you turned out, or about not being a typical girl and meeting parents expectations in terms of the person you are. It talks about constantly fighting against people trying to change you and being torn between feeling the pressures of making parents proud, but wanting to be the version of you that makes you the happiest. It’s very raw and vocal focussed, tinged with a sadness at the thought of not wanting to let people down. This track will definitely strike a chord with a lot of people who will find that they can relate to issues and feelings like this. There’s no pretending here; no metaphors or cleverly veiled meanings, and that’s why the track is so powerful and stands out as much as it does.

From heavy, dirty sounding and sometimes bass-heavy riffs, to stripped back reflections on personal experiences, this EP basically covers all bases- and does it well. Weekend Recovery are bringing something a little different to the scene with In The Mourning; the EP is out September 27th and will be well, well worth baring in mind so you can lend an ear when the time comes around.

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