Film Review: Catch the Fair One

Kaylee ready to fight

Sports films would be pretty limited if they were solely about the competition itself. Sure, some just focus on the subject’s attempts to achieve their goal, but the best ones go deeper. Concentrate more on a personal struggle, whether that’s internal or with an outside influence. In Catch the Fair One, a former boxing champion faces the fight of her life.

Kaylee “K.O.” Uppashaw (Kali Reis) is preparing for her championship fight, but all is not well. The mixed-indigenous fighter is struggling to focus on the prize as this is merely a dream from the past. Today, she’s living in a women’s refuge and working in a diner. Her younger sister, Weeta (Mainaku Borrero), went missing two years ago, suspected of being trafficked, and she’s determined to get her back. Whatever the cost.

Catch the Fair One is an unusual thriller which goes to places you’d never expect. Reis gives a full-blooded performance. It’s Kaylee’s relentlessness which is the beating heart of Josef Kubota Wladyka’s film. An almost myopic focus which is unflinching in its gaze. Pulling no punches. Making Catch the Fair One an edgy and vibrant piece of filmmaking.

Catch the Fair One is out in US cinemas and on demand on 11 February.  

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