Film Review: Night Drive

Russell looking in the rear view mirror

It takes a certain kind of person to become a taxi driver, especially in a modern world of apps and ratings. You need the patience of a saint to listen to all your customers talk endlessly about themselves or complain about the most unreasonable thing. Then there’s the same questions, over and over and over again. On top of this, you never know just what ride you’re going to pick up. In the case of Night Drive, it might have been a good time to take the day off.

Russell (AJ Bowen) finds himself in a bad place after making a series of bad decisions which leaves him where he is today, a driver in Los Angeles. When he picks up Charlotte (Sophie Dalah), a spirited and enigmatic young woman, nothing seems unusual at first. Then, the promise of quick money and a night to remember soon raises the stakes. Initially, the pair form an unlikely bond, but events soon take a turn for the worse. Could this be his last chance of redemption?

Night Drive will take you on a journey full of twists and turns. It starts out as something akin to a buddy movie then takes a much darker turn, barrelling through a number of genres with aplomb. Bowen and Dalah have a great chemistry and directors Brad Baruh and Meghan Leon take us smoothly up through the gears. Night Drive is an entertaining and vibrant slice of (multi)genre cinema which is teeming with ideas.

Night Drive is in US cinemas and on Digital/VOD from 6 August.

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