Film Review: The Run

Whilst the whole concept seems pretty alien to me, some people were just born to run. Sometimes kids pick it up at an early age and never stop but for others an attempt to get fit can spiral into an obsession. As a young man, Pat Farmer found he had a passion for ultra-marathon running. He was extremely good at it as well. This love was interrupted by a spell in the Australian Parliament, but after a decade in politics he retired to concentrate on charity marathon running.

The Run, the new documentary from Anupam Sharma, focuses on his attempt to cross the length of India, 80 kilometres per day for 64 days. Along the way he has to contend with extreme heat, dehydration, wind, rain and bitterly cold temperatures. Not content with just simply undertaking this feat of mental and physical endurance, Pat wanted to use it as an opportunity to foster relationships between the two countries.

The Run focuses on this journey. Showing the effect this quest has on Pat himself but also the logistical team supporting him. India provides a colourful and noisy backdrop for his endeavours; showing the nation at its most vibrant, lively and friendly. Sharma brings this challenge to life, affording us an opportunity to peak behind the curtain. The Run is a testament to human endurance and the sheer bloody-minded determination of one very special man.

The Run is out in cinemas on 6 September.

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