Live: Farro – The Key Club Leeds, 18/11/16

It’s hard to avoid the Paramore subject even after six years, there are still going to be people who are interested in what Josh Farro is doing because they were/still are a fan of Paramore. Even the posters advertising the show in Leeds read “ex-paramore” at the bottom. But you would be mistaken to think that what he is doing now is a reflection of everything that happened between them. What he IS doing now is something comfortingly fresh and as far as the live show goes, aesthetically pleasing.

There was something very open about the stage set up at the Key Club, Josh Farro himself attesting to how “it’s like playing a house show.” Considering the band only have one album the setlist would be rather limited to that. “Home” was captivatingly beautiful, accompanied by two band members in what turned out to be slightly acapella and faintly complemented by Josh’s electric guitar. “Island” caused a small moment of happiness among the few Italian fans that Farro had noticed from previous shows, and quite lovingly sweet a moment it was.


The ideas behind the lighting and use of the projector and screen nestled in the back behind the drummer had obviously had some time and effort placed into it. Some cute little varying lights of numerous colours dotted in and out of every song, the track “Walkways” coming into full effect with the music video being played on the screen, crossing the members face in what must have been a blinding light. But you suffer for the art right?

Hopefully on the next tour Farro get the turn out they deserve, their wonderfully styled rhythmic alternative music styled over their own little creation of twinkling bright lights, is pleasing to the eyes and the ears. This tour seemed more about proving to the world that Josh isn’t just “that guy who used to be in Paramore” and now there’s only up from here.

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