Live Gallery & Review: Spacey Jane Live at the Big Top, Luna Park 13.08.2022

Spacey Jane

It’s Spacey Jane‘s third sold out appearance at Sydney’s Luna Park tonight, the affable security guard tells me. According to him, each gig has been absolutely packed out with fans eager to see the Western Australian quartet’s (Caleb Harper, Kieran Lama, Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu and Peppa Lane) Sydney performances. The line to get into the show stretches out past the entrance of Luna Park to beyond the Ferry Terminal. When the venue’s doors are opened, the young fans sprint to the barrier and soon the place is packed to capacity.

The two opening acts, Teenage Dads and I Know Leopard do not disappoint and soon the audience is buzzing with anticipation. The crowd is good natured and polite as the temperature in the Big Top rises and security guards are kept busy pouring water into plastic cups for a never-ending queue of dehydrated fans. Occasionally a crowd member has to be removed from the mosh as the throng and the heat becomes too much to bear.

Spacey Jane take the stage to a deafening roar. The band is known for its upbeat indie rock, but live they are a completely different beast. Hardman-Le-Cornu thrashes around like a man possessed. He leaps, he high kicks, honestly it’s exhausting just watching him flail around the stage. Singer, Harper is more restrained but occasionally joins the lead guitarist to careen around wildly. Lane, in the best tradition of female bass players, keeps a steady beat going, occasionally smiling to herself in obvious enjoyment of the moment. The band race through their hits enthralling the crowd who seem to know the words of all the songs.

Spacey Jane have enjoyed a somewhat meteoric rise since releasing ‘Sunlight’ in 2020. Live they do not disappoint, in fact their boisterous and energetic show augments and in many ways surpasses their recordings. Definitely not to be missed.

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