Live Review and Gallery: The Kite String Tangle – A Night of Unforgettable Euphoria at Oxford Art Factory – 03.11.23, Eora/Sydney

When The Kite String Tangle took the stage at Oxford Art Factory in Eora/Sydney on Friday night, it was a moment of pure magic. The Brisbane-based alternative electronic artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Danny Harley, graced the stage as part of his ‘Lustre‘ album tour, released in October, marking his first headline shows in four years. The performance was nothing short of spectacular, creating a wave of electronic communal love and evoking emotion in everyone present.

The night began with eager anticipation as the crowd gathered, all ready to embark on a musical journey orchestrated by the genius that is The Kite String Tangle. As the lights dimmed, the stage came to life with his signature entrancing lightboxes, flickering in perfect synchrony with the pulsating beats, setting the tone for the evening’s adventure.

What’s truly remarkable about The Kite String Tangle’s live performances is his ability to create a 4D experience as a one-man show. With multi-instruments at his disposal, he effortlessly weaves intricate layers of sound and emotion, captivating the audience from the very first note. It’s a testament to his world-class talent and multi-faceted skills, delivering the experience of an entire room filled with talent, all from the solitary vantage point of the stage.

The audience was treated to a mesmerizing selection of songs, old and new, from his extensive discography. Electrifying single ‘Arcadia’ was a moment that sent shivers down the spine, as the crowd came together to sing along, making it a truly unforgettable experience. The music seemed to transcend mere entertainment and became a shared emotional journey.

The ‘Lustre’ album was well-represented, with tracks like the infectious dance hits ‘Euclidean’ and ‘Hide and Seek’ sending the crowd into a frenzy. The pulsating beats and ethereal melodies had everyone moving and grooving, showcasing The Kite String Tangle’s innate ability to blend danceable rhythms with poignant lyrics, resulting in a euphoric experience that was impossible to resist. The performance was a testament to Danny’s creative vision, making it an immersive and emotionally charged event that transcended the boundaries of a typical live concert.

For those who missed the Oxford Art Factory performance, there’s still a chance to catch The Kite String Tangle live. The tour’s next and last show is on Saturday, November 11th, at Howler in Naarm/Melbourne. If the Sydney performance is anything to go by, it’s a show that should not be missed.

In summary, The Kite String Tangle’s live performance at Oxford Art Factory was a beautiful, refreshing, and emotionally resonant experience that left a lasting impression on all in attendance. Danny Harley’s multi-talented artistry and the vibrant energy he brought to the stage demonstrated his immense talent. We can only hope that The Kite String Tangle graces us with another tour very soon, as his performances are an unforgettable celebration of music and emotion.

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