Meet: We talk to Stephen Lawson of Bluenose B, listen to their new single ‘Another Place’

Out on December 11th is the new single from indie rockers Bluenose B, titled ‘Another Place’. The band, formed way back in the 80s by songwriter Stephen Lawson, have gone through various line-up changes and crossed through different genres in their lifetime, but this feels like a new start for the band, albeit with a tragic backdrop as the track is a homage to Stephen’s Mum who was terminally ill when he wrote it.

There’s an obvious melancholy about the track, which sweeps along, a whiff of folk here and good dose of emotive indie rock there, but what comes across is this rather lovely rose tinted optimism that there is.

Here’s the rather beautifully shot accompanying video

We took the opportunity to speak to Stephen Lawson about the track, the forthcoming album, and life in general. Here’s what he had to say.

So, what’s up Bluenose B? What’s on your mind right now?

Currently, I’m working with Mastermind promotions to promote the new single “another place” from the album “Harrowby Road”. I’m hopeful we can release that in February 2021. I am also running a health and social care company trying to navigate the challenges of COVID. Hopefully, lockdown will end and I can concentrate on a new album and gigging. 

Tell us everything about your new single ‘Another Place’ and its interesting story.

Antony Gormley (angel of the north) constructed an art installation called “another place” on the south Sefton coast.  My mums house is literally a 100 yards from the installation. She was terminally ill and my brothers and sisters and I had brought her home to pass away. We where very lucky to have the financial resources and skills (3 of us are mental health nurses) to care for her at the end. I would often go to stand amongst the art installation to find some peace and tranquility and hope that eventually there will be another place we will all meet. 

You are not a stranger in the music business. When did you start writing and singing?  

I started writing in 1983. I played the bass and was a budding poet so I thought I would give it a go. I started singing about 5 years later after I learning guitar and keys.  I learnt to sing as it was hard to get musicians to turn up for rehearsals and gigs. It was useful to be able to play many instruments as it meant you could always gig even if a musician didn’t turn up. In that time I’ve worked with Pete Wylie, Henry Priestman, Ken Nelson, John and Virginia Kettle and many more. 

Your music video is very cinematic and abstract. Really liked it. Let us know about the filming process and its concept.

The art installation “another place” is stunning especially in the early mornings or at sunset. The changes in weather allow it to show different beautiful facets. Myself and the film maker (Neil McCartney the fiddle player from Merry Hell) went down to the beach at Crosby and spent the day filming the statues, from different angles with constantly changing light. The concept is one of hope. Bad things happen but there is always hope, new starts and positive futures. 

What was the first album you purchased?

I’m not trying to be cool but it was Parallel Lines by Blondie. My brother and I saved up for ages to buy it.  Still a classic.  

Who are your favourite artists and bands?

I love David Bowie, Prince, Chic, Echo and the Bunnymen and Joy Division. I listen to Red Rum club, Die Antwoord and glass animals now.  I’m listening to the new album by Yelle at the moment. 

What does the rest of 2020 hold for you?

I’m working with my promoters Mastermind and my label to release my album Harrowby Road early February. Lockdown has put paid to any performing but I’m finishing writing the next album  

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