Tracks: Bayonet – Weekend


Bayonet are Vince, Lewis, Danny and Sam – a dashing group from Sheffield who I once described as being “an indie band designed for posters on teenage girls’ bedroom walls” (see review here!). Their previous single “Everything” was a mean and moody slice of indie pop comprising raspy vocals, melodious guitars, percussion to bounce along to and some sweet harmonies.

New track “Weekend” is even more catchy, being a summery love song which ekes out those last rays of sunshine with layer upon layer of pleasing indie goodness. There’s something incredibly pleasing about a sentimental love song hiding within a cracking indie song, catering for all audiences and giving everyone something to jump along to at the Leadmill or whichever student indie night you find yourself at. Those flat Northern vowels in “And I love you now just like I loved you before” are endearing, reminiscent of the Sheffield greats (Arctics, Pulp et al) and the video finds them in a playful mood, mixing Dylan, fireworks and paint runs.

Bayonet are currently on tour so check out their tour page for more details. Also visit their Facebook, Twitter and website.

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