TRACK: Manchester’s cruush release new single False Start

The four band members of cruush
Plankton Lesley

The Manchester 4-piece cruush have been described as shoegaze but on the evidence of this track their sound is much more complex. The haunting vocals of vocalist Amber Warren weave through the guitars which are urgent and raw rather than melancholy. ‘False Start‘ is an atmospheric track which captivates with the guitar reverbing over the beat of the drum. The vocals then become more distorted reflecting the chaos and turmoil of the times we currently inhabit.

The band further expand on this gripping track:
“Sonically the track reflects everything falling apart around you in a country where anxiety and disillusion are escalating, and there seems to be a complete lack of compassion and thought. That constant 5/4 guitar starting the track off and running in the background throughout as the rest of the song plays in 4/4 mirrors the sense of things not seeming right that you can’t shake out your head. This also lends the track its name ‘False Start’ as the drums don’t drop in where you’d expect. 

“Lyrically the track discusses clinging onto something toxic and finding it hard to let go of the situation. The situation sometimes makes you question and dismiss your gut feeling. You know it’s not good, but continue with it.” 

For more information on cruush please check out their website and facebook.

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