Track: Beacon – Bring You Back, plus album news

I hate that word you hear people use sometimes  ‘chill-ax’. What need is there, ever, to put two words together that essentially mean the same thing. I’m quite prepared to chill-out at any given chance, or indeed relax. Or do one of them and describe it as the other. That’s the kind of live for kicks guy I am. What I do know is when I choose to do either one or another of those things, its nice to have some appropriate music on.

Making exactly that type of music is Brooklyn duo Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett, making music together as Beacon. There have already been two EP’s worth of blissful lush electronica, almost Warp records style, with No Body and its predecessor For Now. Brand new track Bring You Back, out tomorrow on Ghostly International, follows in a similar manner, with beautiful swathes of electronic sound, typically downbeat, but more in a Sunset rather than an overnight  way. The smokey vocal only enhances the chilled out feel.

The boys have also announced their debut album, The Ways We Separate, which gets a release on April and looks to be something that is certainly worth waiting for. Like a more direct Boards of Canada, a more relaxed Actress, it’s the sort of thing that just rings the strain out of you, and leaves you relaxed and, well, chilled-out and (oh, damn it – I hate myself for this) chillaxed about it.

They’ll be heading over to SXSW (isn’t everybody) in March when we may possibly hear more of whats to come from the album

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