Album Review: Ventenner- Invidia

In a whirlwind of genre bending paired with an undeniably forceful core sound, Ventenner are ready to release their third album Invidia. With this extremely bold outing, Ventenner have developed their own take on the execution of a heavier, more aggressive piece that overshadows anything they have released prior to this. Invidia- released January 20th– was recorded at Priory Studios over the summer of 2016, and explores the band’s new approach to writing and recording.

In an offering that lands somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and Tool with a little more bite, Invidia is crawling with bass-heavy groove which is re-enforced by coarse vocals and serrated riffs. While first track The Start Is The End is an intense and palpitating opener, its Break In Two that immediately stands out with its electro Manson-esque intro and juxtaposing low-lying atmosphere followed by intense, raw vocals, dropping the pace again before hurling into the bleak and minor, yet irresistible chorus.Enemy maintains an electronic melody with a sharp, punk edge, culminating in guttural screams from vocalist Charlie Dawe which are underlined by slow, chugging guitars. Only The Empty Remain ushers in a change of pace, possessing a dark allure that morphs into another visceral assault, before Circle brings a little caliginous groove, and packs in a lot of power in its brief two minutes.

Bruxism weaves both a stomping vigour with a fragile, flowing interlude; intertwining them in an effortless yet forceful way. It’s this, encouraging a sombre kind of charm that makes Bruxism perhaps the best song on the album. Closing track Omega exists in a musically created dystopia, with enchanting melodies and soft vocals that almost tie things up perfectly, before one last surging return in the bridge to the vehement vocals and lurching guitars bring everything to a real end.

While 2014’s Distorture and its predecessor This Is The Reason were both forces to be reckoned with in their own rights, Invidia is a whole different beast entirely. From the off its electro-fuelled, razor sharp vocals melded with jarring, oscillating riffs that are already getting 2017 off to a full-on start for Ventenner.

Invidia is out January 20th through Hibernacula Records, and will be available on CD and also digitally and on vinyl through Ventenner’s website.

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