Track: Melbourne’s Fascinator release new track, Dead of the Night

Melbourne band ‘Children Collide‘ had an altogether too brief moment in the sun: they were a genuinely innovative band with a distinct sound and attidude. Now, singer/guitarist Johnny Mackay is back under the name Fascinator with a single ‘Dead of the Night’ off a forthcoming debut album ‘Man’:

It is a throbbing, racing piece of electronica with eccentric flourishes and Mackay’s almost deadpan delivery. There is an ominous feel to the song, carried by an insistent looping bass and shards of synth and there is a retro eighties vibe that brings to mind late night drives in a neon light lit jungle.The accompanying video is a surreal tour de force, revealing an artist that doesn’t take himself too seriously and playful bringing in a hippy psychedelic tone to counterbalance the darker tendencies of the song:

The song is co-produced by Darren Seltmann, founding member of The Avalanches and you can download it here. Mackay is also opening up Tame Impala’s US concerts this week. It’s this kind of eccentricity and innovation that keeps music interesting.

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