Track: Housewives debut new track Medicine Bottle, taken from debut EP

Oh my. When I heard this I didn’t know whether to roll around on the floor or pull my hair out. Born out of the influence of composers such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass, dosed up with no/new wave, and dragged through Cecil Taylor backwards, Medicine Bottle, taken from South London’s Housewives debut self titled release, steals and wriggles and fights for your attention, demands it even.

It’s a whirling mess of sound, interlocking and interjecting, but mostly interesting. It abandons as useless any idea of genre to define itself, instead leaving notes and phrases scrambling about to leave this one glorious mess of a song. It is, in just about every sense of the word, incredible.

The EP released December 9th on limited edition tape cassette and digital download via Brighton’s Faux Disc, and you can stream the whole EP, or pre-order now and get an immediate download of the whole thing here:

If there’s another song that leaves you as breathless as Medicine Bottle this month (or maybe even year) I should like to hear it.

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