Track: Hunck – Toy Trucks

Hunck could be described as a side project, you know, one of one things you do for fun, or when things are quiet, or something you can be a little more daring with. This particular one features fellow London dwellers Frederick Tyson-Brown, who also plays in MT, and Thomas Wykes who plays live with the Yuck/History of Apple Pie side project Parakeet, and Modular Records Jonathan Boulet

They’ve released a new track Toy Trucks via their soundcloud page. It has this slacker groove about it, complete with fuzzy guitars and sweet lyrics, soaked in harmonies, with loveable synth lines and a tune that its virtually impossible not to like. It manages to take something’s that are, on there, own, old and tired, and make something new and exciting out of it.

We might just have found our new favourite band. Side project or not.

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