EP: Motsa – Time

Viennese producer Motsa, aka Varerio Dittrich has been attracting the attention of many observers with his pulsating, bass led electronic music over the last year. He’s appeared at the Red Bull Music Academy’s Bass Camp, had a track on the front of Mixmag, and done remixes for Sasha’s Last Night on Earth label.

Now he’s moved over to legendary Southern Fried Records for his new EP, all based on time. It opens up with the tumbling breakbeat of Digital World, which turns out to be a world covered in rippling keys, often like some quasi funky house, but the beats are schizophrenic as they subtly alter as time goes on.

Following on is Time Goes On also has this stumbling bassline, but is a little more relaxes as in passes in and out of focus, the vocal snatches giving it this soulful edge, as the keys stab and the bass rumbles. It’s quite lovely. MIMU takes the vocal lead in ‘Clocks’, built on similar laid back blocks as it predessesor, the vocal adding that little bit of icing to his smooth bass cake.

The EP finishes with the rougher, (slightly) tougher ‘Time Out’, with this steppin’, almost disco percussion, and grinding bassline to the fore to bring the set to an atmospheric close. Well spotted Southern Fried, Motsa is a man destined for big things, and time is on his side. I’ll get me coat.

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