New Music: Seawaves – Born To Fly

I’ve just come back off holiday. I went to the little Channel Island of Alderney. It’s this small bit of rock, where everything happens, well, whenever. I sort of love the Island and its charms, but one of the thing i don’t like, even a little bit, is getting there. Firstly, I had to fly from London to Guernsey firstly, then (after about a 3 hour wait) a scheduled flight to the little Island on this 15 seat propeller driven sardine tin, where the pilot literally turns around to talk to you. The thing is you see, I’m scared of flying.

Getting back this year was even worse. The infamous Aldeney fog hit and wiped out all the flights from the Island, anywhere, and I sat in that airport for about seven hours. This added to my stress, and so by the time the weather cleared I was virtually in a state of total panic, for the ten minute 58 second journey to Guernsey. After a stop over in Guernsey (we’d missed our connection by several hours) we stopped over on the larger Island, rebooked onto a nice early flight. Only for it to be delayed for three hours by a technical fault. I was virtually at the point of fainting for the whole of the one hour back to London.

Manchester duo Seawaves, on the other hand, are born to fly. Or at least that’s the impression they give from the track they’ve released recently ahead of their album ‘The Pistol Star’, which should be available from your local download emporium very soon. The pair, singer Si Van Brussel and producer Dan Traynor make this hugely uplifting tunes. At its beginning it seems as if it might just be a standard house track but there’s more weight and more thought in it than that, and it reveals itself as a sort of cosmic pop tune, with the house beat just pushing it higher than it might have been otherwise. The chorus soars, with the accompanying rush really giving you this weightless feel. On this form, Seawaves may very well (ahem) skyrocket very soon.

Trust me on this one, whether they were born to fly or not, this is certainly just about as high as I’m prepared to go for a few weeks.

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