Track: SHA¥ Khushrenada – 10’s

Taken from his forthcoming mixtape, The Karman Line, produced by Toby Kenobi from the Astronaut Heroics collective, 10’s is the latest track to be released by London rapper SHA¥ Khushrenada. Talking about the track, he says that it’s “…simply about the paper chase, some people see money as a want, others a need. I talk about different situations revolving around currency. The kid that’s stuck in council housing and who thinks he can better his condition through rap and the kid who thinks selling drugs is the only way out. I act out both characters throughout both of the verses.”

It’s dark and muscular, the bass heavy accompaniment riddled with these eerie electronics and unsettling backing vocals. Over the top Khushrenada barks this thoughts and rhymes with skill and dexterity, and proving that UK hip-hop has its own distinctive and ambitious voice right now.

Check it out, here

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