Track: Tegan and Sara – Boyfriend

Taken from the Canadian sisters forthcoming new album Love you to Death, out on June 3rd but available on pre-order now, comes a new little shimmering pop diamond in the shape of Tegan and Sara’s new track, Boyfriend. Seventeen years after their first recordings, the girls have moved away from the woolly indie folk of their early days, firmly (at least judging by this new track) into the glittering pop arena. These rather lovely 90’s sounding synth lines herald something that, apart from being impossibly catchy (which it is) is just bout the most likable track of the year so far (which it also is).

Over the top, it lyrically hints at mixed up relationships ‘you kiss me like your boyfriend, and call me like your best friend’, but it doesn’t dim the sense of fun that exhudes the track (and why would it?). The girls might have just hit the jackpot. Good on them, says us.

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