Track: Batteries – The Fall-In-Love Club

If you remember the day-glow dork punk (I just thought of that, and I quite likes it) of Bis, Steven Clark will be a vaguely familiar figure in his guise as Sci-Fi Steven. Fast forward to the now, and he’s back in his Batteries guise with a new single, The Fall-in-love club, a warning sign to the potential horros on the modern night on the town, and an album The Finishing Line, which is out on LP for Record Store day, before being released on download/CD this Summer.

It’s as you were for Clark, who takes his angular take on art/punk, which sits comfortably next to the much lamented Cardiacs, and Blur at their most experimental. For all its willful experimentalism and DIY ethic, Clark has jam packed it with singalong chorus’, inexcusably catchy riffs and gloopy melodic synths, and kicked them over his particular pogo stick.

Check it out, here

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