You read about the song in our piece earlier in June, now watch the video for Laura Welsh’s “Cold Front” (single out on 15 July).

Erotic, sensual and enticing, the video opens with the neat conceit of a dancer being manipulated by silhouetted puppet masters. But it doesn’t overplay the idea, the video developing through several stages as the song progresses. First our white-clad heroine struggles in dramatic contrast with attacks from oily, inky-black sheets. Then she is assailed by dust, wind and spray before falling to her knees spattered with paint, bowed but unbroken. The video ends with her having plunged into water, the darkness occasionally shattered by a single spotlight, and she’s not alone, but embraced rather than embattled. It’s a beautiful set of images on which to finish, the dancer creating curving shapes amidst the bubbles of her breath under water. Watch with pleasure.