News: Cherry Red to release comprehensive box set by LA punk pioneers, The Runaways

The Runaways formed in LA in 1975 and recorded 4 studio albums between 1976-1978, before going their separate ways. Best known probably for the seminal track “Cherry Bomb”, which has featured on countless compilations and soundtrack albums, they were never very big in their own country but massive in Japan.

Now Cherry Red Records have pulled together all 4 albums and added their Live In Japan album, in a lovely box set with a great set of notes and pictures in a 24 page booklet included with the set.

CD1 features the band’s debut album ‘The Runaways’, released in June 1976, containing the single ‘Cherry Bomb’ which would become the band’s signature track and be voted No. 52 in VH1’s 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs list.

CD2 contains the band’s sophomore album ‘Queens Of Noise’, released in January 1977, which found their musical skills honed and the volume raised. Producer and engineer Earle Hankey, who had previously worked with The Beach Boys, Sparks and Elton John, found a sound that helped ‘Take It Or Leave It’, ‘Neon Angels On the Road to Ruin’ and ‘Love Playin’ With Fire’ become fan favourites.

CD3 is the band’s third album ‘Live In Japan’ released in August 1977. The album is comprised of performances from the three concerts in June 1977 in Japan where the band had become a massive success. The only official audio document of the band playing live it features incendiary versions of ‘Cherry Bomb’ ‘Queens Of Noise’, and ‘California Paradise’. This was the last album to feature lead singer Cherie Currie and was a fitting farewell.

CD4 features their fourth album ‘Waitin’ For The Night’ which has the band as a quartet for the first time with Joan Jett taking over as lead vocalist. The trimmed down line-up created a lean, tough record as can be evidenced from opening track ‘Little Sister’, ‘You’re Too Possessive’ and the title track. This album would be the last the band made while under the stewardship of the controversial Kim Fowley.

CD5 is the band’s last album, ‘And Now…The Runaways’, and although there was a lot going on behind the scenes as the band were falling apart, they still managed to deliver. ‘My Buddy And Me’ and ‘I’m a Million’ are standout originals and there are great covers of ‘Black Leather’ and ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’.

DISC ONEThe Runaways
1. Cherry Bomb
2. You Drive Me Wild
3. Is It Day Or Night?
4. Thunder
5. Rock & Roll
6. Lovers
7. American Nights
8. Blackmail
9. Secrets
10. Dead End Justice

DISC TWOQueens Of Noise
1. Queens of Noise
2. Take It or Leave It
3. Midnight Music
4. Born to Be Bad
5. Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin
6. I Love Playin’ with Fire
7. California Paradise
8. Hollywood
9. Heart Beat
10. Johnny Guitar

1. Queens of Noise
2. California Paradise
3. All Right You Guys
4. Wild Thing
5. Gettin’ Hot
6. Rock & Roll
7. You Drive Me Wild
8. Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin
9. I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are
10. Cherry Bomb
11. American Nights
12. C’ Mon

DISC FOURWaitin’ for the Night
1. Little Sister
2. Wasted
3. Gotta Get Out Tonight
4. Wait for Me
5. Fantasies
6. School Days
7. Trash Can Murders
8. Don’t Go Away
9. Waitin’ for the Night
10. You’re Too Possessive

DISC FIVEAnd Now… The Runaways
1. Saturday Nite Special
2. Eight Days A Week
3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
4. I’m A Million
5. Right Now
6. Takeover
7. My Buddy And Me
8. Little Lost Girls
9. Black Leather

Neon Angels – On The Road To Ruin 1976-1978 is released on 29th September. Pre-order here

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