Track: Choir Boy – Sweet Candy

With their album Gathering Swans out on May 8th Via DIAS, Choir Boy have release a new single from it, their fourth no less, titled ‘Sweet Candy’.

Sweet Candy expresses the sugar cravings and lovesickness of someone who denies themselves the excitement and bliss of romantic fulfilment” explains Choir Boy frontman Adam Klopp. “They’ve had a taste, but have opted for a sugar free diet.”

“Leading up to recording, we were struggling with the songs structure and melodic arrangements. So on the first day working on it in the studio, Michael and I took some acid hoping it would soften our biases. Mid way through the day I began imagining the song as a neighborhood in a 1950’s musical. When the instrumentation sounded natural to me, it felt like the characters were going about their business on a calm Saturday morning, chiming in to the neighbourhood gossip when they saw fit. “Oh it’s true, I heard that too.” Chaz and Jeff would play around with the beat and instrumentation and every 10 minutes Michael and I would return from space with a twinkly piano or a character from our play. At some point, our friend Bly (who recorded and produced the record) began producing a meal of tomato sauce and garlic bread. The sauce was fragrant and seemed to take forever to cook. In the middle of someones take, the toaster oven bell dinged a great ding. “Someone’s cooking something good!” I thought. So we incorporated the bell sound in the drums. The day continued like that with many ideas tip-toeing the line between rotten and wrong. Finally, after an exhausting day of stimulating playtime, we drank some fancy bottled water and went home.”

There’s something completely intoxicating about Adam Klopps vocal, as he drapes it over this warm, Real Estate like backing. Woozy, brushing chords, charm-infused synths and the like are the order of the day as Klopp leads us down a slightly Morrissey-esque rabbit-hole, certainly melody wise. Revel in the melancholy.

Check it out, here

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