Droppin’ Knowledge: Unsung Hero – Fred The Godson

Frederick Thomas, known in the hip hop world as Fred The Godson, passed away last week from complications related to COVID-19. The Godson, who was a member of XXL’s Freshman class of 2009, along with Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller, was a rapper’s rapper. Big Bronx always had an ache in his voice because his eyes had seen many things. He was 35 years-old.

He’d been pretty prolific right up to the end of his life, switching his time between working with the likes of Pusha T, Cam’ron and Raekwon, performing and DJ-ing. Just in 2020 so far he’d released two mixtapes – January’s Training Day with Jay Pharoah and Payback as recently as March 20th.

The man puts in work with the song “God Level,” the title track from his 2019 album. Rest in power, brother. You did it for the culture.

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