News: London-based Singer-Songwriter Michael Blackwell Returns With Glittering New Single ‘Lesson Learned’

London-based singer-songwriter Michael Blackwell returns with the glittering new single ‘Lesson Learned’ – an inspired pop-rock anthem infusing a guitar led backdrop with catchy melodies and a sea of well placed melodic musical ideas.

The track’s driving drum groove, energetic electric distorted guitars, and subtle layers of synth and piano create a textured soundscape that allows Blackwell’s soaring vocals to take centre stage. As the track grows through some gorgeous modulated guitar sounds and subtle intertwining, guitar riffs, piano and synth licks and the infectious ear-worm chorus, the track grows into a stadium filling soundscape worthy of comparison to The Killers and Coldplay.

Inspired by his father’s cherished record collection from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Michael Blackwell’s passion for music began to blossom. He further cultivated his love for rock by exploring the sounds of 90s alt-rock and grunge, which served as a solid foundation for his musical aspirations. Armed with a deep appreciation for classic songwriting and a love for the guitar, Blackwell’s talent became undeniable.

‘Lesson Learned’ was recorded at the prestigious Old Church studios in Northumberland, where Michael teamed up with his long-term friend and collaborator, Adam Forster. The duo crafted the song after Michael’s experiences on tour, and the remote location of the studio allowed them to immerse themselves fully in the creative process, free from worldly distractions.

As Michael Blackwell continues to infuse rock music with a modern and catchy twist, his success is poised to skyrocket. ‘Lesson Learned’ serves as a fine addition to Michael’s growing catalogue.

On the new release, Michael shares, “’Lesson Learned’ is a song about coming to terms with a relationship or a time in your life that’s coming to an end, and trying to take the best from it and moving on. Whether it was good or bad there is always something to be learned from the experiences you have.”

Listen below:

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