EP review: X Ray Cat Trio with Harriet Hyde – Bubblegum

Photo credit – Emma Stone

Leeds rock ‘n rollers X Ray Cat Trio have teamed up with Black Moths singer Harriet Hyde to create some sweet rock ‘n roll for a 4 track EP with the perfect title of ‘Bubblegum’ pink 7’’ through Buzzard’s Claw.

The band and Hyde teamed up over a love of 50s pop and have created an EP bursting with the doo-wop crooners.

First track is just that with the sweeping guitars and doo-wop sugar sweet vocals. It’s also a great introduction to the gorgeous voice of Hyde who’s effortless ability to make you fall in love

Second track notches the tempo up and is all about falling in love 50s style. The perfect title of ‘Bubblegum’ the female and male duet is perfect with the electric guitar that jumps all over the track.

‘Chainsmoke’ takes things down slightly with oooohs from the backing singers layered with arpeggio guitar and honky piano. Hyde really shines on this one sounding like an imposing woman in charge.

‘Loser’ has echoes of Elvis Costello with the male vocals. Dominated by the great guitar tone that has been so strong on this whole EP. The quality of the musicianship is very strong here. Is a highlight of the EP. In fact the band have got the music spot on and are presenting 4 tracks in a 50’s style that sound fresh and addictive.

4 tracks just aren’t enough.

Order the EP here

Find out more about the band via their Website or Facebook

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