News: Starsailor Front Man James Walsh Releases Emotionally Charged New Solo Single ‘The Ghost In Me’

Singer-songwriter James Walsh, renowned as the frontman of the multi-platinum band Starsailor, has unveiled his latest track, ‘The Ghost In Me’ With a storied career that spans chart-topping albums, notable collaborations with industry titans, and a celebrated solo journey, Walsh continues to make an enduring impact on the music landscape.

Walsh’s signature melodic mastery and heartfelt lyricism have firmly established him as a respected artist in his own right. His versatility shines through collaborations with musical luminaries like Eliza Doolittle, Melanie C, Suzanne Vega, and Professor Green, as well as his contributions to the soundtracks of major motion pictures.

Starsailor’s meteoric ascent to fame saw their debut album, ‘Love is Here,’ and the subsequent hit single, ‘Silence is Easy,’ soaring to #2 on the UK charts, amassing an astounding 3 million sales. Sharing stages with legendary acts such as The Rolling Stones, The Police, The Killers, and U2, Starsailor’s influence on the music scene is undeniably profound.

Following their triumphant journey, the band released the compilation album ‘Good Souls: The Greatest Hits,’ featuring fresh tracks such as ‘Give Up the Ghost’ and ‘Hold On.’ Walsh, in collaboration with Starsailor, further enriched their discography with the release of their fifth studio album, ‘All This Life,’ which debuted at an impressive #23 on the UK album charts in September 2017.

Walsh’s solo venture began with the release of his debut album, ‘Turning Point,’ in 2014, a testament to his evolving artistry. This album showcased Walsh’s ability to craft timeless melodies around simple chords, resulting in classic compositions that resonated deeply with audiences.

Continuing to evolve creatively, Walsh recently unveiled his latest solo endeavour, ‘Tiger On The Bridge.’ Recorded in the presence of dedicated fans at RAK Studios in London, this album captures a unique connection between artist and audience. The album’s release, accompanied by a successful UK tour, offered fans a blend of new material and cherished Starsailor favourites.

Commenting on his new track, Walsh revealed, “‘The Ghost In Me’ is a plaintive acoustic song about those times in life when nothing works to comfort somebody, no matter how hard you try. But then, the restorative power of a new day does the trick. It’s also about keeping your own melancholy at bay when you need to be there for someone else. Sometimes new songs take a while to find their place in a live set, but this one has resonated quickly and received a warm reception during live performances.”

‘The Ghost In Me’ is an emotionally charged acoustic composition that resonates with raw emotion. It explores those challenging moments when offering solace to someone seems insurmountable, only for the healing influence of a new day to provide comfort. The song also delves into the delicate balance between one’s own melancholy and being a source of support for others.

As James Walsh continues to enthral listeners with his evocative storytelling and soulful melodies, ‘The Ghost In Me’ stands as a testament to his enduring artistry and unwavering connection with his audience. 

Listen below:

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  1. Zachary Luke
    September 20, 2023

    Awesome, he played a show at one of my local venues earlier this year.

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