Track: Holy Holy unveil another heavenly and sparkling anthem in new track ‘The Aftergone (ft CLEWS) in the lead up to their new album.

Holy Holy are cornering the market in shimmering incandescent tracks that showcase their mastery at creating bubbling, flowing instruments matched with delicious vocals and melodies. Their new track ‘The Aftergone’ features the vocal input of uber cool sister duo CLEWS, who are establishing their own reputation in the Australian indie scene as well as musical input from Kim Moyes from The Presets.

The result is a beautifully flowing indie pop track infused with an indelible sparkle and a joie de vivre that is tempered with a delicious hint of melancholy. Bittersweet taste is at the very core of celestial pop and Holy Holy have proven themselves time and time again to be masters of their realm.

Oscar Dawson from the duo says of the collaboration:

Working with Kim was fun and I’ve always loved The Presets. We wanted to push this song into electronic territory, and he was the right person to go to for that. Tim then wrote a pre-chorus melody and lyrics that we felt were perfect for Lily and Grace from CLEWS, a band – and people – we’re super fond of. We’ve toured with them and they’ve joined us on stage many times before. We’re stoked that they can finally feature on a song with us. 

Of the lyrics, Tim Carroll adds:

The future has been feeling particularly uncertain lately. The world we thought we knew is not there anymore. This song is an acknowledgement of what that feels like. Maybe things are always like that. Maybe every generation has this experience, and this is just our story to live through.

The dark themes contrast nicely with the celestial melodies and the syncopated electric glow.

You can download/stream the single here.

The track is off Holy Holy’s forthcoming album ‘Hello My Beautiful World’ through Wonderlick Recording Company, recorded in Victoria and Tasmania and due out on Friday, 20 August 2021. We have already heard the single ‘How You Been’ and ‘Believe Anything'(reviewed by me here and here respectively) and it promises to be something very exciting based on this evidence. Carroll says of the album:

We were given all the freedom in the world to do whatever we wanted, and this is what we did. The songs dwell in the details of living. Dreams are a theme. Dreams you have when you’re sleeping. Not the dreams you come up with when you’re awake. Not a series of desires. Dreams where you have no control, and you scare yourself.

This sound like an audacious and exciting journey to look forward to. You can pre-order here.

‘Hello My Beautiful World’ tracklist:
Believe Anything
How You Been
The Aftergone (feat. CLEWS)
Port Rd (feat. Queen P)
Hello My Beautiful World
Stand Where I’m Standing
So Tired
Here and Now

Feature Photograph: Simon Eeles

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