News: Synth-Rockers Kyros Release New Single ‘Esoterica’

After a summer of electrifying live performances across the United Kingdom, Kyros, the four-piece prog-synth-rock phenomenon, is making waves once again with their latest single, ‘Esoterica.’ Building on the critical acclaim garnered by their previous releases, ‘The End In Mind’ and ‘Illusions Inside,’ Kyros is back with an intense and cinematic musical journey that defies genre boundaries.

‘Esoterica’ showcases Kyros’ unmistakable fusion of prog-rock at its core, interwoven with shimmering nu-wave synths and infectious pop melodies. The track opens with an exhilarating burst of pulsating bass arpeggios and driving drums, quickly immersing listeners in a high-octane electronic soundscape. As the song progresses, soaring guitars, layers of synth, and mesmerising backing vocals enter the mix, drawing comparisons to iconic bands like Depeche Mode, Empathy Test and YES. The introduction alone encapsulates the band’s distinctive sonic signature.

The vocals soon take center stage, adding a captivating focal point to the track. ‘Esoterica’ then takes an unexpected turn, transitioning into an anthemic chorus driven by a stylistic piano line with House influences. This infectious chorus, paired with urgent lead vocals, marks one of Kyros’ most impactful and commercially accessible moments to date, all within a complex and intense sonic landscape.

As the song continues to unfold, it ventures through a dynamic and ever-evolving soundscape, featuring a myriad of textures, key changes, synth-driven punches, and distorted guitars. The result is a sprawling, euphoric, and utterly breathtaking musical journey that showcases Kyros’ exceptional abilities as performers and songwriters.

Explaining the essence of ‘Esoterica,’ Kyros shared, “‘Esoterica’ explores the journey towards enlightenment, grappling with inner turmoil to eventually find clarity. It’s about confronting the darker sides of oneself and calling out for a deeper understanding, ultimately finding light in truth.”

Kyros has made a name for themselves with their synth-heavy prog-rock sound, captivating live shows, and a fiercely DIY approach. Their music has earned them accolades from prominent publications and seen them graced stages across the United States and Europe, wowing audiences at numerous UK and EU festivals, and opening for acclaimed acts like Marillion, Spock’s Beard, and IQ.

With ‘Esoterica’ and more new material on the horizon, Kyros is poised to cement their position as one of the United Kingdom’s most exciting and promising progressive rock bands. Their boundary-pushing approach to music continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Listen & watch below:

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