News: Vincent Vaughan Returns With The New Single ‘Beautiful Affair’

In the ever-evolving world of music, Vincent Vaughan returns with his latest offering, ‘Beautiful Affair.’ With a masterful fusion of old-school Americana-Country vibes and a contemporary twist, Vaughan imparts a powerful nostalgic groove that resonates deeply with listeners.

Following the success and captivation of his previous releases, the arrival of ‘Beautiful Affair’ is set to amplify Vaughan’s already impressive momentum. As a singer, Vaughan holds a profound reverence for lyrics and melody, always prioritizing the song over his own ego. This ethos shines through in his rendition of Stockton’s Wing’s classic hit, ‘Beautiful Affair.’

Originally released in 1981 by Stockton’s Wing, ‘Beautiful Affair’ was penned by the band’s talented songwriter and guitarist, Mike Hanrahan. While the band originated from Co. Clare’s traditional Irish music scene, they evolved over time, incorporating contemporary influences into their sound. More than four decades later, the song retains its iconic status, transcending genres both musically and emotionally.

Vincent Vaughan’s reimagining of ‘Beautiful Affair’ was recorded in San Marcos, Texas, where he effortlessly captures the essence of countless solo performances with just his acoustic guitar. Collaborating with Texas-based musicians, Vaughan’s co-creators added their unique flavors, infusing the song with a laid-back country charm. The result is an irresistible Americana vibe that perfectly reflects Vaughan’s musical identity.

‘Beautiful Affair’ stands as a testament to the enduring power of music, showcasing Vincent Vaughan’s ability to bridge the gap between the past and the present. This latest release not only pays homage to a cherished classic but also breathes new life into its soulful essence, creating a captivating experience for music enthusiasts of all generations. With his unmistakable talent and unwavering dedication to the craft, Vincent Vaughan continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, one beautiful affair at a time.

Speaking about the release, Vincent Vaughan shares: “When I first heard ‘Beautiful Affair’, way back in 1981  I was immediately smitten by it. Ever since my first time hearing it, it has been one of my favourite songs to sing, and has been firmly planted in my set list for many years. Having lived with the song for so long, it almost feels like it’s a part of me. So when choosing material for my recording project, it was very high on my list from the get-go, and although the song could never be mine, I feel I’ve put my own stamp on it.”

Listen below:

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