News: Yonaka return with new single ‘Panic’

Photo Credit: Brian Ziff

Building up global buzz with streams in the hundreds of millions and widespread tastemaker praise, YONAKA return with a new single entitled PANIC today via their new label home, LAVA/Republic Records, alongside the video which can be seen below.

On the single, lead vocalist Theresa Jarvis said: “PANIC is a song about having a panic attack and how the body gets taken over by this other entity. I’ve got the angel and the devil on my shoulders constantly arguing about which road I should go down, and how mental health carries a weight so heavy that it’s hard to feel affected by outside dangers. But I want you to feel the lightness of the track and I want it to make you laugh because I’m literally having an argument with myself.” 

PANIC bobs and weaves through honest lyrics and leads towards a magnetic and massive chant. Guitar reverberates through unpredictable beat-craft as Theresa confesses, “I tripped up, slipped up, did a bad thing.” The accompanying music video bottles this manic energy, translating it to the screen in a surrealist vision complete with straightjackets, creepy orderlies, a shopping cart occupied by a mannequin, and a wild shot of Theresa strapped to the front of a truck traveling at full speed. It only paves the way for more music to come from YONAKA very soon.

The group has quietly emerged as a phenomenon with 150 million-plus streams and the applause of the Guardian, NME, and Clash. Beyond collaborations with FEVER 333 and Barns Courtney, they notably joined forces with Bring Me The Horizon for the standout ±ªþ³§. The band secured placements of their music in popular media, including the Apple TV+ series ROAR, Marvel’s SheHulk (which reached #1 in the US and #7 globally on Shazam charts), and video games such as Fortnight and NHL 23. Recently they teamed up with e-sports team G2 for the release of DETONATE the track features hardcore gamer, metalhead and TikTok sensation Jeris Johnson, and its music video features G2 creators and players. 

Finally, fans can currently catch YONAKA live on their European and UK tour whilst they open for Palaye Royale. 

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