Premiere: Anatomy Class are back in session with blistering new single ‘Wrong Side’.

We are inordinately honoured to premiere the new single ‘Wrong Side’ from class act Anatomy Class. It feels like eons since we last heard the exquisite jingle jangle guitars and sky scraping melodies from this Melbourne outfit – although it’s only been a year – and it is pleasurable indeed to report they are back with a searing energy.

‘Wrong Side’ features Ant Rosen’s yearning expressive vocals delivering indelible melodies and diamond choruses over his scything guitars and the steady thunderous rhythms of Nick Kennedy. There is a hint of old school antipodean pub rock in the genes – a touch of You Am I, a pinch of Spy Vs Spy – inflected with a sixties vibe and a blistering hair-raising pace. Rosen says of the music:

Musically, I feel the song came together perfectly, drawing on classic indie-rock influences. I worked with Lindsay (Lindsay Gravina, Birdland Studios) again on this one which was awesome, and he really captured the spirit of the track. He’s a master at blending all the guitars together to create the sonic layers. All the sounds I can hear in my head, he brings them to life! It’s one of our most upbeat tracks too, and Nick’s drumming is an absolute standout.

Rosen says of the themes of the track:

Wrong Side’ is really a song about hope. When life takes those unexpected twists and turns, there’s often that sense of helplessness realising the life you had hoped for is not to be. There’s the anxiety, the sense of loss, the sleepless nights, but ultimately you have to decide which path to take, the darkness or the light. You just have to rearrange your head a bit and choose the right side!

With this band, you always know you’re on the best side:

‘Wrong Side’ is out on Thursday, 1 June 2023.

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