Premiere: Astrid Cordes to release new EP, Beautiful Mess; hear it here, first

Taken from music made for the hit Danish TV series Doggystyle, Shy Shy Shy vocalist Astrid Cordes is releasing her debut EP ‘Beautiful Mess’ this coming Friday (12th March), and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

It’s title comes from a line in the EP’s closing track ‘Not Gonna Die Tonight’ and of the release, Cordes says ”I wanted my debut to represent me as an artist and as a person. That’s why I didn’t want to censor the songs. I wanted to let them take flight and be the best they could instead of trying to make them fit in to some made up box.”

Covering topics such as stress, miscarriage, fickle-mindedness and profound love, what the EP really highlights is what an accomplished songwriter Astrid Cordes is, writing tunes that you can immediately hand your hat on, and that have the ability to move you.

Right from the off she fires a couple of impressive warning shots above the bough of indie rock as ‘I will forget you‘ wraps its way around you, with its bubbling melancholy indie pop making you swoon, especially as it pours into this more expansive chorus, while there’s a palpable sense of heartbreak in follow up Portrait.

Wandering heart deals in epic sweeps and grand gestures, while There There is much more of a miniature, a modern day lullaby. Astrid shows her pop sensibilities as she flexes here attitude and soul with the fuzzy synths of Ivy (I can’t move), and the ep finishes with the aforementioned ’Not Gonna Die Tonight‘ a fitting end to the release with its dark pop and chopping basslines.

Wake up and make Astrid Cordes as big as she should be.

Beautiful Mess is out March 12th via Celebration Records.

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