Premiere: BMX Bandits release new video for Long Forgotten Summers

News from camp BMX Bandits is that the legendary Scottish indie band, beloved of Kurt Cobain and so many others before ansince, is that their new album, The Dreaded Light, is out now via Tapete Records (was there ever a label and a ban more suited to eachother?). It’s a first for Duglas and the band though in that it’s a soundtrack for a film of the same name. However, Long Forgotten Summers isn’t from the record, instead it’s a response to it, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Mainstay Duglas T Stewart exclusively told us, “Long Forgotten Summers” doesn’t actually feature in the movie Dreaded Light but is a song that my musical partner Andrew Pattie wrote as a reaction to the film after we saw the final edit. We thought having a song that encapsulates a lot of the emotional content in the film would be valuable for the album. It makes the album a more satisfying and complete listening experience. Both sides of the album finish with a song. The music in the song is a variation of the main theme from the film. I have always loved how my favourite soundtrack composers will use variations of themes in an individual soundtrack. Ennio Morricone and Bernard Herrmann, who are two of my favourites, were both masters of this.

For the video we tried to do something very simple that would not distract from the song. I wanted the song to be the star of the video,  not the images.”

It’s certainly a thing of real beauty, encapsulating Stewart’s storytelling songs in a shroud of indie folk, with just a hint of lounge and a touch of psychedeliaabout it. It all adds up to a timeless feel, with flutes and harmonies the order of the day, and we love it.

Check it and the similarly lovely black and white (well, mostly) accompanying video, here

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