Premiere: Bryan Estepa delivers a powerful romantic epic in ‘That Was The Day’.

Philippine-born Australian resident Bryan Estepa is a powerful songwriter and musician whose work is greatly admired here at the antipodean headquarters of Backseat Mafia, and we are very honoured to premiere his new single ‘That Was The Day’.

The track is in fact a cover of a track originally written and recorded as a solo release by Daniel Wylie of the band Cosmic Rough Riders. Estepa puts his own unique stamp on the song with his golden tonsils and ethereal delivery.

Estepa’s super power is his ability to etch out the most sky-scraping melodies, delivered with a yearning, aching mantle of powered pop. With detectable traces of George Harrison and The Traveling Wilburys, the slide guitars that haunt the edges of the track give a country flavour, while the lyrics, despite the air of melancholy, are eye wateringly romantic:

That was the day, that was
The day that I met you
That day was beautiful
And you were beautiful too
Now you and I won’t see eye to eye
Over everything
But I’ll always be in love with you
And I’m glad you feel the same

Estepa’s delivery is studied and delicate, highlighting the wistful air of the lyrics.

‘That Was The Day’ is out tomorrow (Friday, 8 December 2023) through Lilystars Records and available through the link above and via all the usual download and streaming sites here.

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