Premiere: DISOUT release brand new track ‘All of Them’

Polish rock/metal outfit DISOUT are unveiling their brand new single ‘All of Them’ and we have the pleasure of revealing it here on Backseat Mafia.

Taken from their debut album MIEN, released February 8th on CD Baby, ‘All of Them’ is in line with the album’s conceptual theme; on 15th January, the band tweeted “this album will be about us. About people. About society.”

“This track is about the dark side of humanity and the feelings and emotions of the main character.”

DISOUT, on the theme of new track ‘All of Them’

DISOUT self-proclaim that the roots of the musicians are from many other Polish bands, and this shines through in this thrasher of a track. It’s a brewing pot of a slightly softer, but still rough around the edges, straighter rock vocal from Darek Dolny, but seamlessly accompanied with a more traditionally metal drum pattern executed brilliantly by Artur “Artie” Woźniak, as well as the trudging overdriven guitar chords of Mateusz Simiot. They also manage to incorporate a much softer middle eight section, flexing further their ability to meld different musical stylings into one cohesive track.

You can check out the lyric video for ‘All of Them‘ below:

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