PREMIERE: Mike Tafoya kicks off his next chapter with a new band and debut EP slated for June

You may be familiar with Chicago native Mike Tafoya – he’s certainly been around the block a bit, an active musician for more than three decades with Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz among others; certainly what you’d call a rock lifer, and he’s nowhere near done.

Quite the opposite, in fact: he’s moved on to the next chapter of a storied career as leader of the eponymous trio TAFOYA. Today we’re announcing their debut Freedom EP and sharing its punchy lead single ‘Shadows’. Soaring leads, gutsy vocals and carrying the torch for the much-neglected guitar solo – vintage Tafoya in some respects, this time in a power trio formation, the lineup completed by Craig Cederholm and Leslidiana F. Biocic on percussion and bass. All three contribute vocals of course.

If the idea of a 70s guitar rock revival sounds a little strange in 2022, sure, we get it – times move on, but some musical trends gain fresh legs every so often. This is a fiercely traditionalist delivery that plays things relatively straight with winning results, so if you’re looking for a no-frills throwback sound, you’ll be delighted to hear the EP has plenty more to offer. It’s out on Friday June 17th, and ‘Shadows’ is streaming below.

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