PREMIERE: Parris Mitchell embraces his flaws on rollicking new single ‘i never said i’m perfect’

Oh boy, this is good. Say hello to Parris Mitchell; he’s from New York, and he’s got form. Not only did he release a self-titled debut EP last year, he opened his 2022 account with the vibrant ‘Super Power’ in February. At the time, he hinted there was more where that came from, and while we’ll have to wait a little bit to see the bigger picture – looks suspiciously like a new EP to us, y’know – more has indeed been revealed.

‘i never said i’m perfect’ is an addictive R&B-tinged breakup song that crucially recognises blame on both sides. Mitchell, for his part, has a sugary vocal delivery that really makes the track, well, pop. Combine that with slick production & a slam dunk of a chorus and the result is arguably his best song to date.

Holding up a mirror to his own faults, he elaborates: “The idea is that perfection is an expectation more than we care to admit. When I wrote ‘i never said i’m perfect,’ I was in a place where I felt that others’ standards for me were impractical, leaving me to feel inadequate. The song is about finding the courage to embrace yourself and your flaws, giving a giant middle finger to anyone who expects you to be anything else but true to yourself.”

Further new music is coming down the line later in the year; in the meantime we’re premiering a song that’s out tomorrow and deserves to be a smash hit. Get in on the ground floor while you still can and tune in below:

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