New Music: Fatboy Slim – Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat, plus tour news

I grew up with Fatboy Slim. Not in a literal sense you understand, that would be rather silly. But I copied his basslines off my HousemartinsLondon 0 Hull 4‘ cassette, fell in with dance music and one of the first things I bought was his Pizzaman LP (without even knowing it was him), Beats International soundtracked my University disco days, and then I allowed his big beat revolution to soundtrack, basically, the rest of my life.

And now he’s doing it again, soundtracking people’s lives. I know that because I’m looking at my own children dancing around to his new single, Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat – out on his own Skint Records on October 27th.

The single, a collaboration with Riva Starr, came about when the two were out record shopping in Williamsburgh, Brookyln whether ran into a guy ranting about a three day bender he’d been on, that basically involved, well – eat, sleep, rave, repeat. They plugged it into their stereo and chopped him into the tune. The only thing they missed was his full name….

The track is minimal, and it focuses on the said party animal and his tales and explanations of his party exploits. Shards of electro noise appear occasionally, but its so tongue in cheek, it’s a complete smile along rather than the moody electro seemingly in fashion at the moment.

Fatboy Slim – having me drowning old disgracefully. Now, where’s me raving outfit……


Thurs 5th London XOYO

Fri 6th Birmingham The Institute

Sat 7th Liverpool East Village Arts Club

Sun 8th Glasgow The Arches

Thurs 12th Middlesbrough Empire

Fri 13th Leeds The Warehouse

Sat 14th Bristol Motion

Sun 15th Brighton Digital

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