Premiere: Fingerless proffer a shimmering fatalistic view of life in the acidic, psychedelic ‘You Are Going To Die’.

Feature Photograph: Jon E.

We are infinitely pleased to premiere the new single from those chameleons of indie rock, Brisbane band Fingerless. This band continues to defy definition and, in their new single ‘You Are Going To Die’, even gravity, in their fascinating output. Following on from their last single – the magnificent ‘Leaf of Stone’ (see my review here) – was always going to be a challenge, and it is a challenge the band has met with aplomb and style.

‘You Are Going To Die’ has a wry and ironic message about the pointlessness of existence, delivered in the kind of pop messaging package XTC did so well, with an additional spacey, psychedelic thrum and a dash of humour. There is a self-deprecatory dry wit in the tone with the gentle arpeggiated guitars and sitar riffs arcing in the firmament and the gentle vocals dripping with an acidic edge. The music spins into something that appears to be the the result of imbibing that very acid, before an upbeat jolly canter is suddenly cut off like a fatal heart attack.

The accompanying video from sourced footage is hilarious: the bonhomie of blokey blokes who are all probably dead by now underlines the futility of everyday existence, with a sardonic grin:

Carpe diem indeed. Terrific stuff as always from one of the most interesting and talented bunch of musicians around (and one that, I can attest, can cut it live). ‘You’re Going To Die’ is out through the legendary and beautiful 4000 Records via all the usual download and streaming sites tomorrow (13 December 2021).

You can also get a special 7″ Double A side single along with the aforementioned ‘Leaf of Stone’ through the link below. Who wouldn’t want a tangible slice of indie genius in their hot little hands?

Feature Photograph: Jon E.

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