See: The video for the theatrical, trippy and dubby ‘Glass’, from Hackney’s This is the Deep

This is the Deep

A HAZY, freewheelin’, eclectic and trippy septet bringing you the groove from London, This is the Deep are finally springing forth from the live arena out east of The City, where they’ve made quite a name for themselves with a debut EP hitting our ears in a month’s time.

The multimedia psych-pop collective’s EP will be out on May 21st, and comes heralded by a single, “Glass”, and its accompanying video, which you can see herein,

Over the period back when gigs were a thing – remember that? This is the Deep established a cult following in the capital with sold-out events at places like Windmill Brixton, Hackney’s Moth Club and The Shacklewell Arms, rubbing shoulders on billings with the likes of HMLTD, Family Time, Opus Kink, and Baby Vanga.

Set up around a sample of a reading of Humpty Dumpty, of all abstruse source materials, the song is a dubby, theatrical blur of synth squiggles and a certain Bristolian psychedelic haziness and was put together at The Sauna, the band’s batcave in Hackney Wick.

Speaking on the themes at play on “Glass”, the band say: “The song is about the idea of falling and the feeling of something foreboding happening as the result of over-reaching. 

“There are different ways to interpret the lyrics; they can apply to the excesses of late capitalism, our unbalanced position with the natural world, as well as a relationship between two people. 

“The focus on falling and impact could also be seen to be a metaphor for a human position of being in some way always falling towards something, some conclusion or unknown destination. “

“Maybe ultimately the fall is part of what we are, as Buzz Lightyear says maybe we’re not flying, but ‘falling with style’.” 

“Glass” comes with a side order of a self-directed and -animated video, and follows a ripped all-action kinda guy, sucked into a dystopia through his television.

It’s kind of a retelling of Humpty Dumpty, but instead of an egg there’s this bald muscly action-man figure,” the band detail; “he falls into a plasticine Looney Toons-inspired landscape haunted by a mysterious cowboy with popcorn eyes.”

What started out as late night recording sessions between flatmates Ranald Macdonald, David Bardon and Oscar Robertson quickly spiralled with the addition of post-punk royalty Susie Honeyman, of Mekons, on fiddle; Sammy Silue on guitar and vocals, Hannah Tilson on trombone and vocals and electronic drums and percussion from Liam Toon.

What fine, trippy elixirs will the EP bring?

This Is The Deep’s “Glass” is out now; their debut EP, The Best Is Yet To Come (Part 1), will be released by B3SCI Records on May 21st.

Connect with This Is The Deep on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.

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