SEE: Prefab Messiahs share new single and video for “21st Century Failure”

Pandemics rage! Economies totter! Political systems rot! — and the environment circles the drain…

What better time for The Prefab Messiahs to release there latest single and video upon this world of turmoil.

“21st Century Failure” released via their Bandcamp and all other good digital platforms.  This is a say it as it is anthem tailor-made for those socially isolated moments when only a ranting, post-punk-psych-garage-pop-rave up will do. 

After all, it was recorded responsibly and safely from the individual members’ isolated homes after the current sheltering-in-place took effect…

With 70’s punk fuelled guitar sounds, you think maybe this could be a one trick pony, but no! Wait!  This is Prefab Messiahs and what you get with these guys, is never the ordinary, how they manage to infuse/join Punk, Psych and garage perfectly is only for them to know and you to find out.  Add to this, swirling 60’s organ and wonderful synth murmurings, life can always get interesting when you enter this bands world.

The video with its mix of animated black comedy, and to the point simplicity, fits the bill perfectly.

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