Premiere: IKONIK Share Blistering New Single ‘Out Of Line’

New York rockers IKONIK share their explosive new single ‘Out Of Line’ and we’re very excited to be running the premiere!

Showcasing their unique take on classic rock soundscapes topped with soulful lead vocals, ‘Out Of Line’ offers another example of the bands intense, driving sound. Only the second release from IKONIK, the band once again showcase their strikingly complete sound. This is to be expected from a band with such a rich history of playing live shows having sold out legendary venues across New York in their years of touring however a band who have also only now started to release their material.

Unrelenting, punchy and cinematic, the driven guitar lines leading the way over the punching drums and grounding bass, ‘Out Of Line’ is topped with a venomous, biting lead vocal which adds to the tracks ferocious tone. As the track builds, it eventually bursts into life with a stunning, shredding guitar solo, before the track culminates with the high-octane, ever catchy chorus.

Speaking about the new single, the band describe the song as being about: “The courage to walk away from people and situations that don’t serve you anymore.”

Watch the new video below ahead of the tracks full release this Friday:

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