Premiere: It’s ‘Finally Over’ for greenhouse as we exclusively unveil their thrilling new video along with debut album and tour news.

We are inordinately excited to exclusively bring you the absolutely thrilling video for the track ‘Finally Over’ from venerable Melbourne band greenhouse. And what a journey it has been. There has been an observation that everything in Australia wants to kill you, and indeed there are a plethora of creatures roaming the landscapes filled with poison and ill intent. And then there’s the wildlife too. The release of the video was delayed after singer guitarist Michael Ormond Robinson’s finger had an encounter with a spider, leading to hospitalisation and bouts of surgery. He survived – there’s no news about the spider – but at last the band has finished the video and it is well worth the wait.

Greenhouse are a band that have been on my radar for a while but missed due to the volume of stuff around, and the track ‘Finally Over’ is a prime example of the quality of this band. I can’t help but think of one of my favourite but relatively obscure bands, The Soundtrack of Our Lives from Sweden, with a dash of fellow Scandinavians The Hives. There is a touch of Britpop jingle jangle and a dash of antipodean brute force pop (think of The Saints), but overall an unique and distinctive anthemic force to the sound.

The track is full throttle, swaggering indie jingle-jangle rock, brim full of attitude and bluster – something that has been perfectly captured in the video, directed by Robinson, where the band puts on a positively enigmatic über cool performance. Guitars chime like bells in the belfry, drums pound like the surf off Bells Beach and the band exudes a rock and roll insouciance, legs akimbo, sneers all around and a piratical panache that’s utterly compelling.

Indeed, all the rock and roll tropes are there on the screen and that is what makes this video so cathartic and enjoyable. Anthemic choruses, glittering guitars, thumping drums, black outfits and a thousand yard stare with a hint of a sneer: it’s all you need and crave from music:

Additional credits for the effervescent video, produced by the band, are:

Director of Photography: Tony Owczarek

Editor and Visual Effects: Markus Stone

‘Finally Over’ is out now and available to download and stream here.

A hard working live band that first formed in the late eighties, greenhouse are playing at the legendary Shiiine On Festival in the UK later this year as well as doing a couple of warm up gigs to launch their new album in Melbourne – details and tickets here. Their debut album ‘Centre of the Universe’ is due for release: pre-sales and orders start August 4 on Bandcamp and the album releases September 1 on digital compact disc and vinyl with streaming on all platforms. I, for one, can’t wait.

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