PREMIERE: Laddio Bolocko take you on an ear-splitting trip back in time with ‘Nurser’, announce retrospective boxset for May

Featuring former members of The Mars Volta, the Psychic Paramount, Dazzling Killmen and Panicsville, Laddio Bolocko burned bright and then burned out in 2001. Now, more than two decades later, the New York experimentalists get their moment in the spotlight, with a little help from John Dwyer (him from Osees, Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees etc) and Castle Face Records.

Landing with a thud on Friday May 20th is a triple-vinyl boxset of the band’s brief discography, collected as ’97-’99; namely, Strange Warnings of Laddio Bolocko, In Real Time & the As If By Remote EP. Dwyer’s recollection of the band ‘might be bullshit’ by his own admission but it makes for a great read, as evinced by this take: “I had my ass & ears handed to me that evening. Scorching, pummeling, deep waters ran over me as I stood, beer in hand, mouth open. My memory may be embellishing but I remember a sax as big as me, drums that were physically hanging on by a thread, and twin electric strings that reeled sinister sprites over my head in outwardly circular patterns. Aggressive, far out fractals burned in my brain. I had never seen anything like this band, and never have again.”

If you fancy having your ass and/or ears handed to you, proceed to acquaint yourself with this 11-minute blast of glorious noise. It’s mathy, it’s psychedelic and it’ll freak you out if you’re not careful. It’s called ‘Nurser’, and you can be awed by its speaker-bothering intensity exclusively on Backseat Mafia:

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