Premiere: Manwomanchild – Bellwether

We are delighted to premiere the new track from Manwomanchild, the work of singer/songwriter David Child. ‘Bellwether’ is a charming, wry song on the human condition with a bouncy, ringing refrain and a celestial chorus. You can detect a strong genetic line from the Kinks via XTC to the Lightning Seeds: all very British despite Manwomanchild hailing from Philadelphia.

Childs says of the song: (it)started with a lucky discovery: I came across two stainless steel mixing cups in a giveaway box on my street. I sampled them and turned them into an instrument I could play with a piano keyboard. I then challenged myself to write a rock song using the sound of the bells instead of the guitar I’m used to working with.

The result is a brilliant well-formed pop song, and the accompanying video perfectly shows off Child’s wry, self-deprecating sense of humour mixed in with a delightful dash of wistfulness.

Magnificent stuff. You can get the single below and check out Manwomencild’d earlier releases here.

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