Premiere: Marty K and the Electric Hurricanes unleash a sonic storm with their swaggering psychedelic track ‘Rattle Snakes & Bones’

We are pleased to provide an exclusive listen to the new single from newcomers Marty K and the Electric Hurricanes. ‘Rattle Snakes & Bones’ is an electronic blast – a steady moving rumble that travels resolutely on a carriage of crunchy guitars roaming wildly and freely across the sonic landscape, complete with squalling solos, the guitars fuzzy and distorted at times. The air resonates with a psychedelic sparkle that is ever so slightly bluesy, while New Zealand singer Rosa Rico provides a storm front that is evocative and bold.

Marty Kawaler is the driver of this fast moving vehicle – a man with an impressive CV having supported a wide variety of local and international artists such Dead Letter Circus, The Living End, Superjesus, Nathan Cavaleri & Juke Kartel and Aerosmith, Van Halen, Richie Ramone and Buckcherry among others on the festival circuit. He sees the band as a new beginning for his music.

Kawaler says of the track:

Lyrically I wanted to explore ideas of fear and isolation and how your mind can sometimes be your own worst enemy. I think I’m generally a pretty optimistic person and no doubt we’ve all
experienced a pretty rough couple years. But everywhere I looked I just saw doom and gloom and I wanted to inject some positivity into the world through music. We can’t always control what is happening around us but we can control how we react. I choose to see things as an opportunity. I not the kind of person to complain about it but rather do what I can to get something good out of a situation. These lockdowns provided an opportunity to be creative, make music, reflect, slow down and think about what was really important to me in my life. It became about having control of my emotions and my mind. That is battle that is played out everyday and I wanted to capture some of that sentiment in the song.

The track comes off Marty K and the Electric Hurricanes’ forthcoming album. Kawaler notes:

Each song explores a different aspect of my guitar playing and songwriting. It’s a very guitar
driven record. There’s a lot of improvisation, I wanted to give it a loose feel, a throwback to the 70s and to capture the spirit and excitement of that time. I wrote ‘Rattle Snakes & Bones’ basically in a couple hours, a lot of the music was improvised. It’s pretty crazy how that song came about actually my brother had just given me a Gibson Les Paul guitar so i started messing around with some open tunings. It was one of the first songs i wrote on that guitar & the guitar solo was one take, I just really went for it.

I’ve always loved blues and rock n roll, there’s a real swagger to that kind of music. Its raw honest and full of life and experience. I’ve had some pretty wild times in my life, some amazing and others not so good. Years ago I remember being jumped by 5 guys in a bar, one of the guys smashed a bottle into my head when I wasn’t looking. I was lucky to get out of that situation with only a few stitches but it could’ve been much worse. The bad ones give you a lot of perspective on the fragility of life and also reinforce not to waste your time and I think some of those kinds of experiences that naturally come through in the songs.

This attitude powers through the track which has a swagger and cinematic scope to it: a gritty undertow that reflects the vicissitudes of life, with a hallucogenic vibrancy.

The track will be available through all the usual download and streaming sites from 18 November 2021.

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